Energetic Certificates of Buildings

Since January 1st, 2009 it has become a legal requirement for owners of properties placed for sale, offered for rent or utilised in any other way to prepare a building energy performance certificate, detailing the amount of energy needed to facilitate usage of the building. Such certificates are valid for 10 years.    

The owner of the building is obliged to ensure preparation of such energy performance certificate when:

1)the validity of the certificate expires

2)as a result of refurbishment or structural changes, the energy characteristics of the building is altered

The energy performance certificate can be prepared by individuals who:

1)are under no legal restrictions

2)are educated to a degree level (master)

3)have no criminal record related to possession of properties, credibility of documents, business operations, dealing with money, bonds, shares and securities or fiscal offences.

4)are in possession of building licence for designing in the field of architectural, structural building, installations or have participated in a relevant training and passed the exam.

The completion of postgraduate courses of a minimum of one year duration in the field of architecture, construction, environmental engineering, energy efficiency or similar courses in the field of energy auditing for the use of thermo-modernisation as well as the evaluation of energy performance of buildings will be equivalent to completion of the above mentioned training and passing the said examination.

The list of individuals authorised to prepare building energy performance certificates are disclosed in the register (available also electronically) which lists:

1)registration number

2)licence number

3)date of registration

4)name and surname

5)date and place of birth

6)correspondence address

7)telephone and fax numbers.

Energy performance certificates should be displayed in a visible place in buildings with a usable floor area of 1000 square metres occupied by public administration organisations, or where services are offered to the public (stations, airports, museum, exhibition halls etc.).